Who will do the interview?

Recording Family History is a family owned and operated business. James Glazier will interview, and may be assisted by his wife or one of his children.

Where do I go to be interviewed?

All interviews are best done in a quite location. Often the best choice is in the privacy of your own home. All that we ask for it is to have good lighting to improve the quality of the film.

Can I be interviewed with my spouse?


How long will it take?

Takes about 30 minutes to setup the equipment, but the rest depends on which package you choose. The Tribute Package is a single 1 hour interview. The Heritage Package is 2, one hour interviews. Finally the Legacy Package is 3, one hour interviews. We suggest breaking up the long interviews or even have them done on separate days so not to tire the interviewee.

What do I receive after the interview?

If you are happy with the interview, within a few days you will receive two regular DVD’s and two archival DVD’s for long term storage. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the interview you are under no obligation to purchase the DVD’s.

Can you interview couples or children?

Yes we can interview couples, but prefer to focus on one individual at a time to avoid someone dominating the interview. We can also interview children, but at least one parent or guardian must remain present.

Can you interview families?

Yes we can interview whole families at once, but it is not recommended.

What if I make some mistakes and say something I don’ want recorded?

All interviews can be edited if necessary.

How will I know what questions will be asked?

We can schedule a pre-interview meeting to go over general topics and delete any that you may not want to discuss. It would also be helpful for you to fill out the pre-interview form.

Can you place any photos on the DVD’s?

Yes all packages may have family photos scanned in as stored on the DVD. All photos are stored and handled with acid free materials and will be returned when the project is completed.

Do you have gift certificates for family or friends?

Yes the are available upon request.

Finally, before you interview you should give consideration to who your audience will be. Are you giving this to your children? Other family members or friends? Who will view it, and when they view it will be up to you. Considering your audience may influence your responses to some of the questions.

Our packages allow you to choose some photographs that can be placed on the DVD. What photos you use will be up to you. It would make sense that you have photos of those you talk about in the interview. Grandparents, parents, you, your wife, children, and other other loved ones you would like to add in. Please have the photos you want placed in the DVD ready. Photo’s will be handled with acid free paper and returned when the DVD’s are delivered. If you already have them in digital form we can simply place them on a thumb drive.