Recording Family History presents family or loved ones with a gift that will be treasured for generations. Imagine if you had a DVD recording of your great grandparents from 100 years ago. What a treasure that would be to your family!

Recording Family History can do that by video recording family members telling their life story. The videos are then placed into a documentary format and burned on archival DVD’s for long term storage.

Do you have young children that would benefit from and enjoy seeing and listening to you as you are now, many years from now? Maybe you would like to have your children interviewed for a keepsake. What ever the reason, recording your family history is a treasure for generations to come for family and friends. All interviews are done in the privacy of your own home or at a quiet location of your choosing.

The Tribute Package is a single one hour interview. If you are satisfied with the interview, it will be recorded on two regular none-archival DVD’s to share with family and friends, and two archival Gold DVD-R for high quality, long-term storage.

Up to 4 family photos scanned and placed on the DVD.

Some of the questions or categories that may be discussed are:
-Early family history
-Stories about ancestors
-Earliest memories
-Childhood memories
-Holidays as a child
-Family vacations
-School memories
-Interests or hobbies
-Raising children
-Positive side of middle years
-Significant achievements

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the interview, you will not be charged.

Interviews are not limited to the above categories. The above list is just a sample. Depending on the life experiences, some topics may not be addressed at all while others may require substantial attention.

Recording Family History is a family owned and operated business located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Twain Harte California.